How does one stand out from a sea of jobseekers? This is probably one of the most common dilemmas of applicants whenever they attend job fairs where a lot of hopefuls are trying their luck with various recruiters opening their doors to potential candidates.

With so many other qualified applicants, you’d want to be the one who will be remembered by recruiters when it’s time to do the interview invites and job offers. Here are some tips that we recommend in order for you to stand out at a job fair:

1. Practice! It is very important that you spend time practicing your lines and your actions before you attend a job fair. This is very much like going to a job interview so you need to be ready on the possible questions that will be thrown at you by the recruiter.

2. Exude confidence. Recruiters are always on the lookout for candidates who exude confidence and a positive attitude so avoid being shy and nervous. The key is to just be yourself but don’t go overboard to the point that you are bragging or big-headed because this could turn them off.

3. Dress appropriately. Attending job fairs requires you to look dress suitably. Try your best to impress them with your appearance by looking professionally clean so don’t forget to shine those shoes and make yourself worth taking a second look at. Believe it or not, being fashionable gives you more chances of landing the job because you give them an impression that you are an asset to the company.

4. Do your research. Job fairs usually announce the companies that will be participating at the event so it is best to do some research about these companies such as their history, background, products and services and other relevant information that you might find useful during the interview. This is a good way to impress employers that you do know what you are applying for. Hiring managers usually have high preference for applicants who did their research

5. Ask questions. Just because you’re the applicant doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right to ask questions. Go ask questions about the company and the job position to keep up with the conversation. In fact, human resource officers favor applicants who tend to inquire because it shows that you are interested with them.

6. Give them a lasting impression. Be sure to thank the person you are talking to and be courteous enough to say goodbye after the conversation with a strong handshake. First impressions are very important but you need to maintain that good impression up until the very end of the conversation. Make them remember you with a unforgettable goodbye.

Standing out against other applicants at a job fair can be quite a challenge but if you follow these simple steps then you’ll certainly be ahead of the pack. Good luck!