It can’t be denied that the global economic slowdown has made an impact on our careers. Unemployment rates are rising, people are losing jobs and a lot of companies are forced to downsize in terms of manpower. Tough decisions needed to be made if you want to survive the tough times but did you know that you can get something positive and beneficial to your career?

Here are some concrete ways where you can take advantage of a tough economy:

Start your own business

Admit it, you have thought of this idea at least once but you never got the opportunity to pursue it because you have a job. Well this could just be the moment you’ve been waiting for. When it’s obvious that your current career is not in a good state, starting a business that you’ve always envisioned might prove to be your best decision yet and give you some serious stimulus to finally make it happen.

Since you are aware of the recent economic challenges, you will be wiser and more efficient in jumpstarting your business minus the possible hurdles that you fear from happening. And with rising unemployment rates, it wouldn’t be hard for you to find potential candidates to hire as your staff.

Work at home

You will find a lot of job opportunities online more than you can imagine. In fact, a lot of companies are already offering opportunities to work from home and most of these even pay more than a regular job. It is now very common to work remote for an employer who can be based in another country and what’s surprising is that permanent positions are widely available. Taking freelance jobs is the booming marketplace for jobseekers so don’t hesitate to take the plunge!

Go back to school

If you have just been unemployed or feel like you could lose that job in the near future then why not consider obtaining more education? Going back to school to pursue a master’s degree or take another course can be very advantageous especially if you’ve always thought of making a shift in your career. This is the perfect opportunity to advance with your career goals so go for it! It’s never too late to pursue that passion.

Get a career counseling

If you’re not sure on where to start then getting a career counseling service is highly recommended. Career counselors have the capability and aptitude of matching your personality with the correct options. These people can make a good assessment of your skills and abilities so you can make a solid plan and make the right decisions.

It may be ironic but a tough economy can bring out the best in you. It can take away your job but it can also open a lot of opportunities which in turn could be way better than your old job. The current economic climate and the challenges that come along with it may just be the ultimate drive that you’ve been waiting for to finally make that decision and successfully take your career into a different level.