At, we create customized professional resumes using pre-designed templates. Buyers simply peruse our website until they find the resume theme which best fits their needs. Once selected, the buyer then indicates the required total number of pages for the resume.

After that, it is simply a matter of filling in the necessary payment information at checkout and uploading a text resume to our professional graphic artists. Once the resume is received, we’ll custom typeset the content using the purchased resume design. When finished, we’ll email the buyer a high quality PDF version of the resume which can then be stored away or printed off as the need arises. Best of all, offers additional rounds of revision, with the first two rounds available absolutely free of charge (within 2 weeks after the purchase date).

How Much Does Charge For Their Service?

The most basic service is for a one page completed resume with a three day delivery, which is priced at $65. For an additional page there is a $10 per page charge.

Can I Return My Resume Back to When It Requires An Update?

Absolutely. As a matter of fact, we offer revisions and updates for $8 per round and per page. These revisions can take up to three days to complete. Revisions only apply to text and not the design itself.

Will The Final Resume Look Exactly Like the One Pictured On Your Website?

Probably not. Since everyone’s resume is different, there has to be special considerations given to formatting which often results in small changes in the design. While it will look similar, it may or may not look exactly the same as the design that you’ve purchased from the website.

What If I Don’t Like the Results And I Want a Refund?

The first thing you should determine is if you don’t like the text or the design itself.
Kindly notice that we do not offer refunds, but if there is a problem with text, then a simple revision can often resolve any problems. If it is the design, however, then perhaps purchasing custom colors for an additional charge would improve the aesthetics of the resume.

How Does The Revision Process Work?

All communications are completed through email, whenever possible. Buyers are sent a finished copy of the resume as ordered in high quality PDF format. They can then look over it and note any changes which are required to be made. Next, they simply reply to the email with a list of those desired changes. After updating the resume once more, another high quality PDF copy is emailed back to the buyer, thus completing one round of revision.

Can I Get The Necessary Source File To Make Changes For Myself?

Unfortunately, due to our unique relationship with design partners, we can’t offer source files. The cost of revisions, however, is kept to a bare minimum for all customers (just $8.00 per round).

How Long Do I Have To Wait To Receive My New Resume?

Our service includes delivery within three business days.

Can I Customize A Design?

Yes, to an extent. Custom colors can be created for an additional $20.
Kindly notice that the option for custom colors is only applicable for some resume designs.
Details are available on the product pages.

Will Write My Resume For Me?

At this present time, we aren’t offering a resume writing service to our customers.

What If I Have Too Much Text? Will All of It Fit In The Sections As Pictured On the Example Resume?

Fortunately, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to adjust designs whenever required in order to accommodate longer and wider blocks of text. You can rest assured knowing that all the design and formatting work is being completed by experienced professionals.
With that said, if you feel that your resume will have to be splitted in two pages, consider purchasing the additional page extra.

How Do I Send My Resume After Purchasing A Design?

You will be forwarded to an upload page after purchasing the service. You can upload your resume in several popular formats such as Microsoft Word or RTF (rich text file) format. When purchasing a theme that includes an area for a photograph, you’ll need to also upload an image of yourself in high quality and in either jpg, tiff, or eps format.

Can I Purchase The Design Service If I’m Living Outside the United States?

Yes. We currently offer our service to customers from all around the world.

Who Designs All These Great Templates For

We work with a number of highly motivated designers who are all dedicated to the pursuit of perfection in their work. The quality and brilliance of the designs offered through our website are a testament to their devotion to design.

What is The Format of The Resume I Order From

By default, the resumes are designed in US letter format. However, if you wish to receive your resume in A4 format instead, you must write this instruction during the checkout process.

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