To most people, looking for a job may quite be time-consuming and daunting. Good thing, the Bureau of Labor is always there to help. It makes use of a method that helps expedite the job hunting process, and that is no other than providing search engines for employment. While there is a large number of online job websites for public access, the informed job hunter will be able to experience a lot of benefits by making use of reputable and legit sites for getting their desired result.

The following are the best online resources that you can use to find several job vacancies which you can apply for by uploading your creative resume:

Job Board Monster – This is one of the most popular and largest online job search websites today as it features hundreds of thousands of job listings. Apart from its unrestrained search engine, the site also features a page that covers career advice for resume guidance and interviewing tips. It also features a networking page hat aids job hunters to make connections within their respective fields of expertise or interest.

Career Builder CareerBuilder – This is another online resource for job seekers that you can count on as it features several job listings each day. In addition, the searches are customizable, and thus removing listings with no salary information is effortlessly accomplished. However, just like other job search sites, CareerBuilder also has some drawbacks. For your information, some of the job entries found on the site are of work-at-home varieties with confusing job descriptions that may need an up-front fee.

Media Bistro Media Bistro – This website has been awarded by Forbes with the “best of the Web” distinction award. It focuses on job opportunities within the field of media like public relations, graphic design, print and online publishing. The site also features a bulletin board where users can find pieces of advice on various topics. While the site is not for all job seekers, it is very ideal for those who are looking forward to breaking into a job in the media.

Yahoo Careers Yahoo! HotJobs – This website presents users with various features to help job hunters land a good job. It enables searchers to effectively narrow down the results based on several factors, and then breaks them down into extra categories, making it a great site for those who are looking for part-time jobs or full-time jobs.


Snag a Job SnagAJob – This website primarily focuses on giving help to people who are searching for seasonal or part-time job. If you are currently looking for a flexible, entry-level position, this is the best online job search site that you can count on. According to users, one of the best things about this site is that it comes with a user-friendly interface and can pinpoint the results by their respective zip codes.

If you have just graduated from college and are currently looking for a good job to land on, these are some of the best online job hunting sites that you can count on. Why don’t you browse them now?